Gas Services

Superior Plumbing, a Calgary plumbing company, employs certified gas fitters for its gas services. We provide gas line installations for the following:


Gas cook top installations

Gas cook top installations

– gas stoves

– fireplaces

– space heaters

– gas cook tops

– gas ranges

– patio heaters

– gas lights

– outdoor gas fireplaces

– garage heaters

– other gas related products




Outdoor gas lights

Outdoor gas lights


Our trained personnel will pull the gas permits and run your gas lines for all your gas needs. Superior Plumbing has trained gasfitters who will ensure that you are not exceeding your gas limits while finding solutions to optimize your gas usage.

Gas services from Superior Plumbing

Gas heater: supply and install












Gas barbecues

Are you tired of running out of propane at the most inconvenient times? Convert your barbecue to gas and eliminate this problem. In addition, natural gas has many benefits. Typically natural gas is about a third the price of propane for each BTU. Natural gas also burns much cleaner than propane so it is better for the environment.


Installing BBQ line

Installing BBQ line


A barbecue line is normally run from the gas meter or from the furnace room. Superior Plumbing will properly size your gas lines to determine whether or not you have enough capacity to add more appliances.  It can make a significant difference if you only have a 3/4 inch line into your furnace room as opposed to a 1 inch line.


It is important that you take out a gas permit for the job. This ensures that the proper sized gas lines are run.




The City of Calgary inspector will ensure that the piping has enough capacity and will also check for proper installations, clearances and instances of poor workmanship.


Superior Plumbing has significant experience in sizing lines, pulling permits and ensuring proper installation so that they inspection is passed.