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Plumbing Trivia brought to you by Superior Plumbing

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“If I could do it all again, I'd be a plumber.” - Albert Einstein

“If I could do it all again, I’d be a plumber.” – Albert Einstein

  1. The toilet is flushed more times during the super bowl halftime than at any time during the year.
  2. An average of three years of a person’s life is spent on the toilet
  3. Famous and often controversial rockstar Ozzy Osbourne was a plumber’s apprentice before getting into the music industry.
  4. Pipes haven’t always been made of metal or plastic. In the 1800s, both Boston and Montreal used wooden pipes; they were logs that were hollowed out and tapered at the ends.
  5. Why are manhole covers round instead of square? 
 Manhole covers are circular because if they’re turned sideways, they can’t fall through their own opening.
  6. The word “plumber” comes from the Latin word “plumbum,” which means “lead.”
  7. The most recognized video game character (s) in the world is a plumber Mario and Luigi of course !
  8. One of the biggest myths is on the direction the water in the toilet bowl swirls. Contrary to popular belief, the direction of the swirling water doesn’t depend on whether the toilet lies in the northern or southern hemisphere. Instead, the direction the water takes depends on the direction that the bowl’s rim jets are pointed. The water can be made to flush in either direction in either hemisphere.
  9. Albert Einstein was named an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union after saying publicly that he would become a plumber if he had to do it all over again.
  10. In Japan, some urinals have voice-activated flush mechanisms. According to Wikipedia, these urinals respond to as many as 30 different languages and several terms, including “fire.”



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