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Metamucil doesn’t unclog everything. Don’t dump it down your drain!

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Clogged drains

Avoid clogged drains with a few tips

Metamucil is often used to “get things moving” however, it has the opposite effect when dumped down a drain. I recently received a call from an anxious homeowner who was dealing with the Dreaded Clogged Drain.


During my investigation into the problem, the homeowner mentioned that she had dumped expired Metamucil down her kitchen drain. Immediately, I knew that it was going to be a tough job. When Metamucil is not diluted and put down the drain, it turns into a very hard compound that will almost immediately block your drain; I would compare it to hard jello. This was a tough drain to cut through.


Metamucil is just an example of one of the many things that should NOT go down your drain. The following is a list of a few common items that can—and eventually will—clog your drain.


Top Drain “Cloggers”


This is the most obvious one – Hair is the number one cause of drain clogs in showers and bathroom sinks. To reduce (or eliminate) the potential problem of a clogged drain from hair, install a drain strainer or filter – these inexpensive items will catch most of the hair from entering your pipes.

Did you know? The number of hair strands normally lost in a day varies, but on average is 100 per day.



Have you ever dumped the bacon grease from the frying pan right down the drain? Well DON’T – in kitchen drains grease is the most common cause of clogged drains. Grease is a translucent liquid when it’s hot but it doesn’t stay that way, once it cools it will turn into a solid white substance that over time will build up in your pipes and clog your drain. A better option is to dump the grease in an old can or jar and throw the grease in the trash. This may seem like an obvious one but it happens – over and over again.



Just because something WILL go down the drain doesn’t mean it SHOULD go down the drain. Common foods such as pasta and rice can clogged the drain. These items will swell when in contact with water and can build up and collect in your drain causing a clog. Foods such as onionskins, celery, corn husks, and other fibrous type foods can also get tangled up and eventually cause a clog.

Coffee grounds can be another drain buster. Grounds don’t break down in water, in fact they usually clump together.  Over time, coffee grounds build up and can get packed together in the drain line causing a clog.


Toilet paper and paper from feminine products are a major cause of clogged drains in toilets. Toilet paper is designed to be quickly and easily broken down by water so that it will flush easily. If too much paper, or thicker paper like paper towels are thrown into a toilet, it might not break down and you’ll end up with a clogged drain. Make sure your family knows not to put anything but toilet paper into the toilet.

Just remember, just because it CAN go down your sink’s drain, that doesn’t mean it SHOULD.  Avoid the clog and be vigilant about what you are putting into your sink.

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