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Don’t be this person – Winterize your outdoor taps.

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Burst pipes and faucet damage are just a couple of the problems that can result from not winterizing your outdoor taps. Prevent damage this winter with these four easy steps:


Step 1: Find the faucets and turn off the shutoff valve for each outdoor faucet.



Step 2: Locate the inside shutoff valves and turn them off, shut off by turning them clockwise (unless they were installed ‘wonky’). You will also need to drain the existing water in the line by removing the small drainage cap and allowing the excess water to drain into a bucket or large pot.



Step 3: Double check your work by going outside to check and see that the water is indeed off and that there is no leftover water in the pipe.



Additional Step 4: Add an insulating cap/cover to the outdoor faucet(s) to protect the pipe against freezing. These can be picked up at any big-box hardware store.



Step 5: Remove the garden hose and store away until spring



*Note: if you have a frost-free hydrant then you will need to ensure that the hose has been removed or it can freeze and cause leaks. Frost-free in Calgary’s harsh winters are not fool proof, it’s better to shut off the valve just to be sure.



If you don’t do this you will most likely be calling Superior Plumbing in the spring !

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