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Clifford (the big red van) is in a Parade !

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“Clifford” – Superior Plumbing

parade 1

Clifford in the CKE Parade





Clifford again.








Everyone loves a parade, including Clifford, the big red van (named by my wife and kids). Superior Plumbing believes in supporting the community where we live and work. This past weekend CKE (Chinook Park/Kelvin Grove/Eagle Ridge) hosted a parade and homecoming barbecue. Superior Plumbing got a little “dressed” up and drove the route.



Admittedly, Clifford has a bit of a crush on a blue and white VW van in the neighbourhood, so jumped on the chance to follow “Buttercup” from Hip Image around the block.

"Buttercup"...from Hip Image

“Buttercup”…from Hip Image

Parade 2

The Parade !












…..I heart Buttercup



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