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We are not called Superior Plumbing for nothing !

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Another Superior Transformation ! 


Depending on your needs and wants, almost anything can be accomplished when it comes to transforming or creating a bathroom. It is important to keep an open mind and understand that things could get messy! Extensive bathroom renovations may require busting up floors, moving or adding sewer and water lines.  After all plumbing isn’t all about shiny chrome, stylish toilets and rain shower heads. The majority of plumbing is done where you can’t see it, behind walls and underground.


This job consisted of an extensive basement renovation. The original basement had a two-piece bathroom, built in the 1960s (unfortunately, I don’t have many “before” pictures to show). The original bathroom was somewhat multifunctional as it was home to a large storage cupboard originally used for storing canning and kitchen supplies. In addition, the bathroom had an interior door that led to the storage area under the stairs; not the kind of layout or multifunctional use that the clients were looking for. They were looking for a large bathroom where they could enjoy a nice steam and an overall spa experience. In order to achieve this goal we completely gutted the original bathroom and extended it out into an area that was originally designed to be a 1960’s retro bar, mirrors and all ! This extension allowed room for a 7 1/2 x 5 foot steam shower, equipped with seating for 2.


Plumbing isn’t always glamorous !


New ABS sewer line laid down with backflow preventer.

Half way through busting up the floor, the decision was made to add in a second bathroom in the guest room; a smart decision in the end.


The total plumbing work involved busting up approximately 75 square feet of concrete. This was hard manual work. All the excess gravel and concrete had to be carried up the stairs in buckets, all 2500 lbs of it! Of course all of this had to be re-cemented once the new plumbing was laid, equally as hard is hauling 45 to 50,  60 lb concrete bags down the stairs.

Some of the old Cast Iron that I removed and replaced.

I removed the entire old cast iron sewer pipe and replaced with new ABS pipe. I installed all new plumbing (sewer and water) to the new guest bathroom and ran new water and drain lines to accommodate for the steam shower. The steam shower is a Thermosal Steamer. The fixtures used are Delta, Moen and Toto Drake. I also installed a Backflow valve/preventer that will prevent a sewer backup. All homeowners should consider doing this if you don’t have one.

This is the retro bar we took out to make room for the Steam Shower.

This is the retro bar we took out to make room for the Steam Shower.


Renovation Reminders: 

  • Things are not always as simple as they appear
  • If you are planning a major renovation, plan it out carefully and call on the experts.
  • Always get at least three estimates.
  • Expect the unexpected, with big renovations like this it is possible that additional costs can occur.
  • Don’t try and cut corners just to save a few bucks. It is cheaper to do things right the first time !



New Bathroom !



Guest Bathroom Ensuite with Shower


photo 5

Steam shower with tiled bench seating.

photo 3

Delta Rain Shower Head




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