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Busiest Day of the Year for a Plumber – Brown Friday

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I have noticed a trend in calls for drain cleaning after  holidays or celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. This year has been no exception. The trend does not surprise me. I was interested to see if this was the case for other plumbers. After a search on the internet I discovered that in fact Black Friday (the day after American Thanksgiving) is not only the biggest shopping day of the year  it is also the single busiest day of the year for residential plumbers. The jump in service is so prominent that the day has been coined Brown Friday amongst the plumbing circle.


Below are some tips on how to protect your plumbing from  holiday horrors !


Not everything goes down the drain

The number one call on Brown Friday are from homeowners using their kitchen sinks as a garbage can. The following items should NEVER go down your drain.

  • fats of ANY kind
  • cooking oils
  • potato and onion peels
  • fibrous vegetables like celery and pumpkin
  • coffee grounds
  • bones
  • skin from poultry
  • egg shells
  • pasta
  • flour

Not everything goes in the toilet

  • The only thing that should go down the toilet (other than what comes from your body) should be toilet paper. That means cotton balls, swabs, cleansing cloths, feminine hygiene products, dental floss and similar items need to go into the trash and not get flushed away.


If your drains are running slow, they are probably already partially clogged, don’t ignore the problem. First, attempt to unclog it as soon as possible, if the problem persists then give me a call and I can help you out. Blair at Superior Plumbing;


The next holiday coming up is Easter. If you decide to cook a ham or turkey use common sense strategies. Whatever you do do not dump the grease from the meat down the drain.

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