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Blair’s Spring Plumbing Tips – Superior Plumbing

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It has been a long winter in Calgary and spring has finally arrived. Spring is a good time to do maintenance and checks on various plumbing components in and around your home to prevent water damage.


Outdoor Maintenance:


1 – Outdoor faucet – Your water supply to your outdoor faucet should have been shut off over the cold winter months. Now is the time to open up the valve to the outdoor faucet and check for leaks on the faucet and hose bib. Make sure water flows freely. If an outdoor faucet drips or if there is a leak inside your home the first time you turn the hose on, you may have a frozen pipe that is cracked and in need of repair.


2 – Check for blockage from things like a birds nest in the plumbing vents pipes.


3 – Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and free from debris and water is directed well away from your foundation.


Indoor Maintenance:


1 – Clean your showerhead – Improve water flow from your shower by keeping the showerhead free from build up. Don’t spend money on toxic cleaners full of harsh chemicals, simply place your showerhead in a vinegar and water solution to break down the deposits.


2 – Toilet check – check for cracks, drips and hidden leaks – Take the

Leaky Toilet Test


Drop – put several drops of food colouring into the toilet tank and wait 20 minutes.

Peek – Look in the bowl. If the water changes colour, you have a leak.

Repair – Call Superior Plumbing.


3 – Test your sump pump – once the rain and runoff hit is not a good time to find out your sump pump is not working. Test it by pouring water into the sump  pit and then turn the pump on to ensure it is draining properly.


4 – Inspect your hot water heater – Check for signs that your hot water heater may be wearing out. Check for rust colored water and moisture around the hot water heater base. Spring is also a good time to think about lowering the temperature on your hot water heater. Lowering the temperature to 55 Degrees Celsius can save money.


5 – Check any exposed pipes in your basement and under sinks for any signs of cracks and leaks.


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