Hot Water Tanks

Installation, Replacement and Repairs

Superior Plumbing can install your hot water heater at one of the best prices in town. With Superior Plumbing you will be assured that you are getting a Master Plumber to install your tank. We will have your hot water up and running in no time!


Superior Plumbing repairs, replaces and installs all makes and models of hot water heaters/tanks. Our team is dedicated to ensure that we can address your hot water needs, whether that’s fixing your existing tank or installing a new tank to service your family’s needs.


Look for the EnergyStar rating on our tanks. With a new EnergyStar tank you can expect to see annual energy savings of 14%.  energy_star


Some of our top selling hot water tanks are listed below.


Bradford White Atmospheric Vented 40/50/60 US Gallon

These water heaters utilize a draft diverter and are atmospherically vented, however they offer Extra Recovery. This translates to an increased amount of hot water available at a usable temperature in less time than normal.


Bradford White Power Vented Single Pipe 40/50/75 US Gallon

These high performance water heaters provide incredible hot water delivery from a space saving, convenient package. When tested to the industry standard residential First Hour Delivery procedure, the 25-gallon model (GX-1-TW-25S) can provide 155 gallons and the 55-gallon model (GX-1-TW-55S) will deliver 200 gallons.


Bradford White Power Direct Vent 40/50/75 US Gallon

Direct Vent water heaters utilize a two-pipe system. One pipe to vent combustion gas to the outside and the other pipe provides fresh air from the outside back into the house.


Hot water tank installation & repair

Hot water tank installation & repair


Hot Water Tank Warranty

These tanks come with a 8-year manufacturer’s warranty and 1-year installation warranty.


For more product information on these models, go to Bradford White or call us for more information.


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